Monday, 1 January 2018

Womenpreneur - Support adalah Investasi Terbaik Untuk Memulai Big Things

By Aliyah Natasya

Everything was pretty crazy when we need to start something. Aside from self confidence, leap of faith we need the other ingredient called Support!

2017 is the year of beginning. We started everything from scratch. Finding the team, exploring the ideas, start doing things. This is the year of so many firsts!

As people says that “there is always first time for everything”. We have our first team meeting. first website launch. First instagram post. First interview. First investment class. First E-Book. These all firsts will be the opener for our upcoming moves!

The only thing that keep us on going is “the support”. It feels wonderful to know so many people are willing to help us grow. They are open to the ideas that we (women) need to support each other.

#investashe is here because we want to educate women to be more pro-active about their financial condition. We believe by managing your financial in better way, we can live a better live.

With this support system we believe we can make it better. We can grow together and spread this spirit. So cheers to our support system, let make 2018 be more exciting!